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  Our Team


Bertrand Schneider




Bertrand Schneider

Former President of the Club of Rome

Founding President of The Global Future College


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Nicolas Dadeshkeliani

Writer, Analyst, Founding Member

Ex-Secretary General of the Club of Rome

Amaury de la Serre  


Amaury de la Serre

Entrepreneur, Founding Member

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Yasmina Dahim

In charge of the "Islam facing the Challenges of Modernity" College

Umit Donmez  


Ümit Dönmez

Communication Consultant


 Jean Yves Heurtebise  


Jean Yves Heurtebise

Assistant Professor, FuJen Catholic University (Taiwan), Research Fellow Member, CEPERC, Aix-Marseille University  

 Inès Safi  


Ines Safi

Ecole Polytechnique, Researcher at the CNRS (Theory of Condensed Matter)


Scientific Council:

Prof. James Archibald (Université McGill, Canada), Prof. Nicole Morgan (Collège Militaire Royal, Canada), Prof. Rita Mazen (Université de Bordeaux III, France), Prof. Mathieu Guidère (Université de Paris VIII, France), Prof. Amal El Anwar (Université de la Princesse Nourah, Arabie saoudite), Prof. Hoda Moukannas (Université Libanaise, Liban), Prof. Mourad Ben Jelloul (Université de Tunis, Tunisie), Prof. Amal El Sabban (Université Ain Shams, Egypte).


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