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The acceleration of globalization, the hyperpower of the financial industry, the digital revolution - the greatest in extent and most complex industrial revolution in history as it is disruptive - technological advances and the advent of  "Smart Power", the increasing scarcity of fossil fuels and the urgent challenges posed by global warming are phenomena and issues whose increasing complexity imposes itself to the inhabitants of the planet.
These factors, some of them being complementary and / or interdependent, resolute and exponential, profoundly alter individual and collective behaviour as well as international relations.
This process is generally referred to as Modernity. But it is necessary to apprehend this "modernity", to understand, to accompany, to discern its interactions and its consequences, to prevent the excesses by inviting Men of different origins and horizons and with different Histories, women and men of culture, of science and conscience to appropriate it, to tame it to build together the means of mastering it and sharing it to put it at the service of Humanity and of its Progress.
It is no less than a matter of working to elaborate a new paradigm.




The Global Future College has set itself the ambition of studying three unavoidable themes of Modernity and assigning them to three study groups or "Colleges", bringing together international experts and experts from a variety of backgrounds.

These three themes are:
Ethics, Modernity and Plurality of Information facing the Challenge of the Digital Revolution
• Science and Technology in the face of Environmental Challenges

Islam and the Challenges of Modernity



All the members of the College are co-opted by the General Secretariat according to their profiles, their experiences, their research work and their adherence to the spirit of openness, tolerance and cooperation that constitutes the DNA of The Global Future College.
Members of the Colleges will be divided into two groups.
First group: Selected in civil society for their expertise in their fields, the first group is composed of different profiles of actors involved in the process and the stakes of "Modernity". They are scientists, experts, specialists, decision-makers and personalities from five continents.
Second group: Consists of experts, specialists or actors from each of the three themes. They may be drawn from think tanks, associations, representatives of disciplines involved in the history of religions, etc.




The Global Future College is innovating in its methodology of work based on the systemic approach and in its Bricks & Clicks organization, which combines virtual and real, and physical encounters and dematerialized work.

The Global Future College promotes and organizes regular meetings of the members of its "Colleges", in order to select the themes of the work, to foster the formation of expert groups, to plan actions, to promote the circulation of ideas, to confront approaches, to combine reflections in the light of different geographical and cultural realities, etc.

The systemic analysis of a topic is organized on a one-year scale and is built around different stages of reflection and work. The exploration and evaluation of the subject is conducted by the "College" constituted by the members grouped according to their expertise and knowledge of the subject at hand.
The Global Future College provides its members with a secure collaborative digital work platform, a collaborative Extranet and all the tools for a simple, fluid dialogue at the international level and easy confrontation of ideas and innovations. This platform also makes it possible to form groups and work in a collaborative but dematerialized way, to work remotely.





The working method of the two groups consists, first of all, of interpreting values ​​and cultures in the face of the challenges of modernity. In a second phase, the two groups will jointly seek and formulate proposals concerning the three themes within workshops by disciplines, linked by a collaborative Extranet platform.
The work, workshops, analyzes, reflections and suggestions will circulate among Members through the Global Future College's collaborative Extranet platform: Analyzes, reflections, suggestions, proposals, comments from members, drafting conclusions of work highlighting agreement and disagreement points and for discussion in the framework of the Annual Conference, The Global Future Meeting.





The Global Future College will offer annual conferences of civil society leaders and experts: The Global Future Meetings.

The annual conferences will be organized by the management of The Global Future College in various locations that will welcome them around the world. Each workshop manager will present the conclusions, suggestions and proposals of his team on the subject on which his Workshop has worked.

The purpose of these meetings is to exchange and compare points of view, present and confront ideas. It is essential that points of agreement and points of disagreement are clearly indicated.

After a vote of all the participants on the suggestions / recommendations, the Global Future College Committee will conclude by presenting a general synthesis of the proposals selected in each Workshop and of the new problems to be studied by discipline.


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